Artists, as entrepreneurs, have a product, or idea to sell, and they need to get out into the marketplace. In order to do this, artists need (at the very least) basic business skills and a willingness to approach selling art as any entrepreneur would.

For Artists who are serious about building a sustainable career, we have partnered with the New Jersey Small Business Development Center of Northwest Jersey (NW-NJSBDC) to provide the “Artist Entrepreneurship Program.” Thanks to the NW-NJSBDC, Program Participants will have access to the online assessments, webinars, seminars, and one-on-one counseling.

About FNM365

FNM365® is a community outreach initiative program, dedicated to bringing the community together, not only for New Year’s Eve but all 365 days of the year. The FNM365® motto is “Together We Can.” FNM365® in conjunction with First Night Morris County Partners, Supporters, Volunteers, Patrons, and Community Members will cross-promote community events and programs year-round.

In the coming months, look for FNM365® to continue its evolution and eventually offer tools for Partners to Cross-Promote Upcoming Community Events. It will also allow Members of the Community to connect and engage towards a common interest with a focus on bringing the community together.

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The Artist Entrepreneurship Program’s Assessment and Portal is provided thru a Partnership between the North West New Jersey Small Business Development Program and OwnersPath.